Rémi Barraquand, Ph.D.

Lead of Web Engineering at Freeletics


Full-Stack Architect/Engineer I am also specialized in UX/HCI. Passionate about Design with a big “D”, I’ve a devotion for simplicity and fanatical attention to details. I love to build great things with great teams. I believe in Web technologies. I hold a PhD in Human Computer Interaction on the Design of Sociable Technology. I am currently Lead Web at Freeletics GmbH.

I am open to a full-time Senior Software Engineer role in a product-focused company or startup.

Current favorite technologies:
React, ES6, Node, Ruby on Rails, Git, Docker
Favorite OSs:
Arch Linux, MacOS, Android

Previous to that, I was the Head of Research and Development at the Carnot-LSI Institute. My mission was to provide the expertise and manpower to foster and support technology transfers between research teams, laboratories, institutes from Grenoble with the industry. As part of this mission I was managing a multidisciplinary team and supervising various projects involving ever-changing and state-of-the-art technologies.

Previous to that, I was an Expert R&D Engineer at the INRIA Grenoble research center in France where I designed sociable technologies as part of the INRIA Personal Assisted Living project lab. I was lead engineer and in charge of software integration between several INRIA Teams.

I hold a Ph.D. in computer science on the Design of Sociable Technologies from the University of Grenoble.


Full Position


Lead of Web Engineering, Freeletics, Munich, Germany

Freeletics is the fastest growing sports - and lifestyle company in the world. As Lead Web Developer I coordinate an awesome team implementing new kickass features and ensure they contribute to a great user experience. As part of this mission I also make sure Freeletics benefits from the best web architecture/infrastructure and technologies to support our growth.

key skills
web architecture/strategy, hiring, team building and coordination, mentoring
key technologies
React, Angular, ES6, Contentful, Docker, Rollup, SystemJS, Webpack
  • Member of the CTO board
  • Supported team organization and growth (candidate hiring, mentoring)
  • Reshaped the entire Web infrastructure, evolved from legacy monoliths (Angular application, Wordpress sites) to a scalable/sustainable services ecosystem (ES6/CSS, React/Express, Contentful)
  • Introduced best practice and guidelines
  • Supported Marketing, Product and Customer Support departments (developed new authoring platform, introduced prototyping, supported Zendesk improvement, etc.)

Head of Research & Development, Carnot-LSI Institute, Grenoble, France

In charge of the Carnot-LSI Research and Development team. My mission was to provide the expertise and manpower to foster and support technology transfers between research teams, laboratories, institutes from Grenoble with the industry. As part of this mission I am managing a multidisciplinary team and supervise various projects involving ever-changing and state-of-the-art technologies.


VP of Software Engineering, Carnot-LSI Institute, Grenoble, France

The Carnot Institute LSI develops hardware and software solutions for the integration of information systems in the technological fields of health, intelligent buildings, transport, and in general system design.

key skills
web architecture, project management, build automation, software deployment, system administration, ergonomic evaluation, UX/design
key technologies
JavaScript (client/server), D3.JS, Angular.JS, Ruby on Rails, Nanoc, Java7+, Gradle/Gulp/Grunt, Linux, MacOS, Android, Apache, Docker, Pandoc
  • Software architect and developer on various R&D projects (Android application for road traffic prediction, End-Used debugger for home automation system).
  • Built various tools used by our team (Karios - timesheet management for Gitlab, Okapi - information system prospect management).
  • Conducted information technology audits for various companies/projects.
  • UX/Design lead (visual design, information architecture, interaction design, usability, ergonomic evaluation, human-computer interaction).
  • Developed new methodology/framework for automatically evaluating softwares technologies for the design of large scale infrastructure.
  • Introduced product development processes & best practices.
  • IT setup and administration for the team.

Expert R&D Engineer, INRIA Research Center, Grenoble, France

INRIA is the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation. As an expert R&D engineer I was involved in various projects spanning from sociable robotics, computer vision, machine learning, human-computer interaction. I was the lead engineer in a national project on Personal Assisted Living involving 6 different teams and 10+ engineers.

key domains
machine learning, sociable robotics, software architecture, computer vision, human-computer interaction key skills
service-oriented architecture, cross platform/language software integration, distributed systems key technologies
Java7+, Python, C++, JavaScript, ROS, OpenCV, OSGi, Gradle/CMake
  • Design and implementation of iKio a sociable robot (mechanical design, software architecture, machine learning).
  • Porting and development of computer vision algorithms on Android based handled devices (face detection, face recognition, emotion estimation).
  • Designed service oriented architecture middleware for the PAL project (cross platform/language, distributed, pragmatic architecture).
  • Lead architect and engineer in a national R&D project on Personal Assisted Living.
  • Adviser for 4 master/engineer students.
  • Organised several international/national workshops (ICTLabs, PAL).



Temporary Assistant Professor, Ensimag, Grenoble INP, Grenoble, France

key skills
lecture authoring, sketching & prototyping, agile coaching, agile methodology, teaching Key technologies
Backbone, Marionette, RequireJS, JavaFx, Gulp, Gradle, Phraser
  • Author and teach in various lectures including: Human Computer Interaction, Experience Design, Web Application Development, Software Engineering, Algorithmic, and various programming languages.
  • Agile coach and project mentor in various student projects (JS/HTML5 Games, Dahu Screencasting)

Teaching Assistant, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France

key technologies
Java EE, JSP, Maven, EJB, Tomcat
  • Taught Web Application Development with Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)

Personal Teacher for Disabled Student Services, University of Grenoble, Grenoble, France

  • Taught and assisted students (in Computer Science) with disabilities.



Research Student & Engineer, PRIMA Team at INRIA Research Center, Grenoble, France

Acquiring Social Common Sense From Social Interaction.

key domains
machine learning, sociable robotics, software architecture, computer vision, human-computer interaction key skills
reinforcement learning key technologies
Java, Python, C++, VTK, QT, Netbeans Framework, Aibo Robot
  • Implemented algorithms for acquiring social common sense knowldge from social interaction between robots and human using reinforcement learning techniques.
  • Implemented a 3D visualization system for the Netbeans platform for debugging and improving a multi-camera 3D Human Tracking System.
  • Implemented multiple plugins for the OMiSCID Middleware and OMiSCID GUI.

Research Student, Multicom Team at CLIPS (now LIG), Grenoble, France

Design, implementation and testing of a new social interactivity platform.

key skills
CAUTIC study, 3D rendering engine, user study, user experiments key technologies
C++, MFC, DirectX, OpenGL, Ogre3D, ODE Physic, MSHTML, HTML
  • conducted CAUTIC study for identifying how people are currently perceiving various communications systems (be it e-mail, blogs, instant messengers, SMS, video calls, etc.) and how this new interaction platform should be presented to them.
  • implemented a plugin-based platform using MFC, Ogre3D, ODE Physic, OpenGL, MSHTML and various IM networks.
  • conducted user experiments including more than one hundred users.

Research Student, Human-Computer Interaction Group, University of Bath, UK

User Interface for 3D Voice Chat Application

key skills
3D rendering engine, 3D Physic engine, P2P architecture, user experiments key technologies
C++, MFC, DirectSound, OpenGL, MSHTML, HTML
  • implementation of a pugin-based platform using MFC, DirectSound, OpenGL, etc.
  • implementation of a 3D rendering/physic engine in pure OpenGL/C++.
  • conducted user experiments involving more that 50 users.



Freelancer/Developer/Entrepreneur, France

I’m involved as a developer/founder in many open/close source projects. I also develop and host websites and webapps for various companies.

  • Analyst is a set of tools for qualitative data entry and data analysis aimed for research experimentation (ref. marvelig, gscop) using the Django Framework and WEKA platform (Django, Python, Weka, Java)
  • Kairos is a timesheet management for Gitlab (Ruby on Rails)
  • Pandoc-ModernCV is a Pandoc fa­cil­i­ties for type­set­ting mod­ern cur­ricu­lums vi­tae (Pandoc, SCSS, HTML, Make)
  • deck.ext.js provide extensions, themes and use cases for deck.js (JavaScript, HTML5, SCSS)
  • docker-deployer is a Fabric framework for Docker-Compose application deployment (Fabric, Docker, Python)

A list of my open-source project can be found at https://github.com/barraq


co-Founder, EcoBoisEnergie, France

I co-founded the company EcoBoisEnergie whose sell and manufacture sustainable energy.

Key skills
visual design, marketing, brand creation Key technologies
photoshop, illustrator
  • Design of commercial advertisings, company logo, trucks and cars stickers, etc.
  • Product packaging and commercial strategy

co-Founder, Nomind, France

I co-founded the clothing brand Nomind.

Key skills
visual design, cloth design, brand creation Key technologies
photoshop, illustrator
  • Designed multiple man/woman cloth collections.
  • Sponsoring and distribution

Awards and Grants

2nd price at Startup Weekend Grenoble, GrimpUp - companion app for climbers
Best Paper Award, Case Study of the OMiSCID Middleware: Wizard of Oz Experiment in Smart Environments
In The Fourth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies, UBICOMM, Italy
Merit-based Grant, Ministry of National Education, Research and Technology, France
Merit-based Scholarship, French Government, France



Ph.D. Student, University of Grenoble, Grenoble, France
in Mathematics, Computer Science, Cognitive Science

Mention: “très bien” (very good)

Ph.D. Thesis (in English)

Designing Sociable Technology advisors
Pr. James L. Crowley and Pr. Patrick Reignier

M.Sc., Grenoble Institute of Technology, Grenoble, France
in Computer Science (Image, Vision, Robotics)

Final grade: “bien” (good)

Master Thesis (in English)

Acquiring Social Common Sense From Social Interaction Advisor
Pr. James L. Crowley

Magistère, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France
in Computer Science

Internship at Multicom from the CLIPS laboratory
Final grade: 80%

Magistère Thesis (in French)

Etude et Implémentation d’un Systéme de Discussions Multimodal advisor
Dr. Jean Caelen

B.Sc., Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France
in Computer Science

I’ve done my last year as ERASMUS exchange student (University of Bath, UK)

B.Sc. Thesis (in English)

User Interface for 3D Voice Chat Application advisor
Dr. Eamonn O’Neill

Baccalauréat STI, Lycée Technologique Saint Louis, Crest, France
in Electronics Engineering.

Final grade: “bien” (good)

Research Interest & Expertise

Ubiquitous Computing, Ambient Intelligence, Context Modeling, Situation Modeling, Social Machine Learning, Machine Learning, Social Interaction, Mutual Understanding, Relevance Theory, End-User Programming, Reasoning by Analogy, Analogy Making, Common Sense Reasoning, Common Sense Acquisition, Social Common Sense, Dimensionality Reduction, Storytelling, Cognitive Modeling, Cognitive Architectures, Intelligent User Interfaces, Human-Robot Interaction, Human-Computer Interaction, Software Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture, Cognitive Science, Social Science, Evolutionary Anthropology.

Invited Talks

Dec 2012
The Robotic Operating System at a Glance, introduction, showcases, demonstration and perspectives, fOSSa Conference, France May 2011
Analyst: a set of tools for qualitative data entry and data analysis, G-SCOP Laboratories, France March 2011
The Sorceress of Oz: an alternative to the Wizard of Oz technique, LIG Laboratories, France


Mother tongue
Read, written, spoken (thesis, papers, presentation written and defended in English)